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The track begins where you are walking somewhere and Yuma start to follow you.

Yuma: Ah, the young girl over there! Yes you! The one who is walking in front of me! Yes, you… Say, oy, I am calling you! Are you listening? Seriously, this is tiring. If it weren’t for his order I wouldn’t be doing this troublesome shit. Also… Give me an Answer!

Yuma increases his speed, catching up to you.

Yuma: Don’t make me do something troublesome. What is that with dumbass look? Haa? No matter how you look at it, what is up with that suspicious look? Haa? Who I am? Who cares about that? Such a hassle.

Yuma carries you

Yuma: Wow, you’re light!” He goes on how surprising it is that you are so light, that he can carry you like it is nothing. In the end he loses interest real quick about the weight fact and keeps on carrying you.

Yuma:  So boring. Oy, oy, don’t struggle. Do you want to be thrown to the ground?

Yuma; Just joking!~  You don’t want right? So don’t struggle~ You can understand when you see me right? (that fighting back is useless) Using force is useless, you are not a person who can take me on. Ha, this is, how you call it, a very easy job isn’t it…

Yuma:  -gnaws on a sugar cube-  Hmm, catching you while eating sugar it no problem.

Yuma:  Seriously, to get a little woman like you, why the heck did someone big as me has to do it? I just can’t understand. You, you are a special kind of woman right? Furthermore, I heard it from Ruki, you have something, I can’t see though, are you hiding it or something, huh?

Yuma: Well, whatever, a loud person like you, which I had to bring back the moment I caught,  I better take you to Ruki now… Ah? –sniff, breathes in- What’s this scent? –sniffs more- “huh, it is coming from you? Hee, this is indeed special, somehow, there is something more to it. It’s a good scent. I have changed my mind.  I had to take you back the moment I caught you. But this is something I have to taste first for myself~ It is a good timing, I am hungry after all. I can’t get enough of the sugar. –gnaws on another sugar cube-  Haa? How does it taste like? Oy, oy, don’t give me that ‘I don’t understand look’, you were taken in completely by them right? (the sakamakis)  Your whole body stinks of it, there should be a limit in foolishness (or something in this direction, Yuma is kind of insulting you here), it is useless to hide it.

Yuma: That’s why I am going to taste you, there is no other reason why… (He means if she didn’t had so many differents scents on her body from the bite marks he wouldn’t be interested to taste you know and would’ve took you too Ruki immediately.)

Yuma:  I want to taste now, that is what I like to say, though this is not the right place to do it. Shall we go to my place… It’s a special place, I bet, you will like it a lot too~


Yuma throws you on the floor.

Yuma: There, we’ve arrived. Aaah, like always this is place is relaxing~ I feel revived after doing something so troublesome. He sure knows how to think of orders.

Yuma: Heh? What the hell? ‘Don’t cage me up?’ Shut the fuck up! 

Yuma: Haa? Where this is? All these questions you keep on asking is freaking annoying! You know when you see it… This is my hiding place. –gnaws on a sugar cube- This is where I have enough stock of Sugar-chan. Hmm? What I keep on eating… This is something you like as well of course… Heh? Do you want some? Open your mouth, it’s tasty!~ -you back off from eating- Che, you were the one who asked about it! Hurry up and open  your mouth. This great me is going to feed you one of his precious Sugar-chan…  Come open up your damn mouth!

Yuma:  -manages to open your mouth- Here ya go, oy, hey, don’t be such a drag, oy, Don’t give my precious Sugar-chan so much trouble! Hehe –manages to make you eat the sugar cube and swallow it- Well, what do you think, it’s good right?~ Huh? –you say it is sweet- Well of course it is simply sugar. (Yuma doesn’t say that you said it was sweet but since he says it is plain sugar he gave you I expect you say that the thing he fed you was sweet )

Yuma:  Of course it is sweet. Huh, what did ya think it was? Heh? Did you think it was some suspicious drug.  Hehehe, too bad for you, this is simply, purely, plain, s-u-g-a-r. That you thought it was some weird drug is bad of you, (being naughty), it doesn’t make sense. But, however, for me this can be like a medicine. Heh, there is nothing wrong with that right. Furthermore, as if I would give someone like you a drug. Even when you sit there, you’ll be a good girl and sit still right?

Yuma: Those guys like to do that right~ Hehehe, Ha, are you going to change your mind?  It’s not that you say. Then, what are these huh?! –rips your clothing-  “ Aaah~ There are marks of them on your entire body, heh.

Yuma then says that you needn’t to hide the marks.

Yuma: To give me an excuse that these were made when you were asleep is a big mistake, to even think that I would fall for such a lie is even more stupid! Even when you can’t see it, I still know, because I am a vampire after all. Hehe, I noticed you were lying all the time. Well in the first place, the place you know so well with those guys, I am the same yet, different from those people. I am Mukami Yuma, better remember it well


Yuma says here that now that he is a bit calmed down and you are silent he can start an more or less examination.

Yuma: Because of the sweet scent that is coming off from you, I can’t help but feel hungry. Whoa! Hey, you don’t you dare to run!

You run away quickly going to the nearest door you see trying to open it by pulling at the knob, Yuma is simply slowly walking to you, you bang a couple of times against the weak iron door, hoping someone would hear the sound-

Yuma: Too loud! You’re annoying… Don’t go fighting back against me so much! –pushes you aside from the door which makes you fall to the floor-

Yuma: Seriously, are you drunk or something? You can understand when you see it right, when you see it. That you cannot beat me. Huh? I can break those bones in your neck like a little twig you know. It wasn’t even that much trouble to push to the ground… Seriously,  you wish to be roughen up don’t you?

Yuma:  You want it soo badly that I do you hard and rough right?

Yuma: Well whatever, now that I have pinned you here to the floor it is useless to fight back anymore. You are nothing more than a piece of food that is ready for slaughter. At best, -slurps- you’ll be a tasty piece. Be glad. Also –sniffs- There is really a good scent coming from you… This scent, where is it coming from exactly? Here perhaps?  -lifts up your skirt- Heh? Haha, what’s up with these panties? They aren’t sexy at all. Couldn’t you wear something more daring? Seriously, this is a big disappointing thing. Even when others can’t see it all the time, you can wear at least more fashionable panties. Well whatever, the scent is not coming from here…

You punch Yuma’s arm away so the skirt covers the legs and stuff again which annoys Yuma.

Yuma: Huh, what is wrong with me knowing that I knew the scent wasn’t coming from there and I still lifted your skirt up? It’s not that I have any interest in seeing your panties,  I am not interested in that. Haa, this is annoying, can’t you just shut the hell up!

Yuma: I am trying to find the source of this great scent. As I thought is it coming from within your body? I just can’t understand it… Well if I can’t understand it, I better do some researching right… Hehehe, what Ruki wants is your body, however this Yuma-sama is going to taste it first, the first taste, the first taste. When you are cooking, the one who made the meal has the right to taste the meal first right? So, which means, I caught you first so I have the right to taste you first.

Yuma: Aaah –deep breathing- This is a scent I can’t get enough of. You are really, is there even a human alive with this good scent? Ha… -sniffs- No matter where I smell it is vague everywhere. Maybe I must taste the flesh first? –sniffs more- Mnm, the scent alone is super good. Oy, I am going to make a toy out of you now. You better keep your eyes on me the whole time. The moment when my fangs tear you apart, until the moment when I tear your flesh while you still live.


Yuma: -bites you, and sucks- This is great, what the hell is this? Oy, blood that is sweeter than sugar.. –sucks more- … This is the first time.. –sucks again- Haa, ah, damn it this is sweet. What the hell is with your blood… I can’t really understand  it, but I’ve heard it had to do something with the heart. Is it really from that alone? No, that can’t be it right? Hey, you, you know of something right? Did they set your body free? (meaning having sex with them. In the game one of the sakamaki’s say that blood of a non-virgin is sweeter than one of a virgin)

Yuma:  -heavy breathing- damn it..  I am getting all dizzy now.  Is it because of your blood… Huh, even you face looks like you can feel the pleasure from it. Hehe, that is a good expression right there. That this me has managed to make you feel good. (after all the bitching and struggling from her)

Yuma: This is the first time I had someone like you. Most likely you are a person meant for the darkness. Even though the blood is corrupted, I never had someone made an expression like the one you are making right now. Hehe, are you in shock? There is nothing much to be worried about right, just enjoy it. Even when move a little bit, things won’t be as cute as they are now. (meaning he will be even rougher on you)

Yuma:  Keh, are you still going to resist? What not cute woman you are. Why are you worrying so much about? This is a body God made especially for you right? Huh? ‘I’m not doing it because I like it?’ Heh! Well, if you like, or don’t like it, it doesn’t matter, suit yourself. I want to feel good, I like that feeling.  Also, I am extremely fond of things sweet things

Yuma:  I’ll tie you up. Ironically, I don’t give a single thought of you wanting to protect your reason or morals. They are just worthless things. If I would have an interest, it would be only your blood. Also,  you can’t beat me in strength. Look at this body! It’s freaking small! It’s like we’re an parent and their child.

Yuma:  Hehe, no matter how I see it, resisting is useless. Hehehe, well at best, if you don’t want to have pain, you just simply have to be silent. Ah, but, beating the crap out of people who don’t listen or whatever, even if it is you I won’t care. (meaning he won’t discriminate in his victims he beats up)

Yuma:  I said too much. Well, where next? Shall I go for your legs now? –licks and breathes in- Just how good is your scent anyway? There has to be something to this scent… -bites and sucks- Ah I just can’t get enough. (couldn’t catch what happened to his body here, most likely is that his body feels tight like when you have a fever)

Yuma: I’m freaking burning up –bites and sucks again- I’m falling deeper, all of that hot stuff is making my body… hehehe this is the best, you are way too tasty.

-sucks again-

Yuma:  This is great, I’m feeling even better than before, just what the hell is this? Hmn, hmmmm, That I am feeling like this because this person, it’s ridiculous. Also, you, work with me here… Just what did you eat to make it so sweet? Even when vegetables are perfect taken care of and harvested won’t make it this sweet. So what did you do? Ha? Oy, are you listening? Don’t just lay there. Come on, are you listening –slaps your cheeks-

Yuma:  She lost consciousness…  Did I drink too much for the first time? Did she fall into a shock or something? This is annoying –slaps again- Oy, you, wake up, you asshole! Oy.


Yuma: -sighs- Did you finally wake up huh. I thought I killed you off there, don’t fuck with me here, dumbass! Ha? What did you say there? “I wouldn’t mind to die alone?” you say… You are taking me for a fool here aren’t you.. To who the hell do you think you are talking to? Even if you die, I won’t care. It is only that Ruki told me to bring you back alive… It’s a shame, but it is not wise to defy that person. Well, that is only that.

Yuma: Furthermore, if you do that again I’ll cut you to pieces. Hehe, He did say to keep you alive… so that means if you are dead later that there won’t be much of me left either. Ahaha, if I test that theory it might be worthwhile.

Yuma:  Hehe, am I scary? Heh, if that is the case you shut kept your mouth shut and let me lick you.  Huh? It’s too late to be act all though and rebellious, it’s useless. Or is it, that you are going to cry and beg so I will lick your feet? Heh? You can’t do something like that right? Seriously, here, just stay still, I will mess you up –takes out a knife- Haa,  it’s good that there is a knife in this place. Look, it’s all shiny.

Yuma: So where shall we begin first? I’ll do a request for ya. Your left hand? Your right hand? Or do you want your left foot? Or your right foot? Hehehe, -slaps you again- Or is it that you don’t have any reason left and want me to give the finishing blow? Oy, -slaps- Answer me. Hehehe, what is wrong with those expressions, don’t cry. I told you it is useless to regret it. I am itching to do it here.


Yuma: Aaah so annoying! You’re crying voice is sure loud! I guess it can’t be helped, I was about to do something good. –rips your clothing while he speaks- This person… there, with this I won’t be able to hear you annoying voice.

Yuma: This is better right? This is packing tape. Your voice was annoying my ears soo much that I actually wanted to kill you~ Well then, now that we did that, shall we go upstairs? Huh? What, don’t scream while the tape is on. So there is something stuck on the lips huh, so freaking annoying. –rips- Huh? What? Huh? What am I going to do? Huh? Nothing. For example, What kind of things? It’s fine to cut your hand right? Oy, tell me already, huh? Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of anything at all huh… Huuh? It’s allright to suck more blood?! Heh, so you can make a request like that… So boring, are you sure you are not fucking around with me here? Huh? You even can lick my shoes? Heh, as if you are a woman with such pride. (Yuma means here that you shouldn’t act all too high and mighty when you are not)

Yuma: That sort of thing is all fine… Ah, that’s right… Okay, then you try and invite me. You don’t want to be beaten up with the knife right? Say: “Please drink my blood”, sexy and invite me in. Here, wrap your arms around this Yuma-sama. Then beg, “please drink the blood of this pathetic me, great Yuma-sama” Hehe, Oy, if you don’t say it quickly I’ll beat you up! Ah, yes like that. Hold my body tightly. So, What must you do again? –takes the knife- Say it properly and I’ll reward you.

Yuma: Yes, yes like that, aren’t you a good kid, This is not bad at all. Hehehe, because of the special treatment, I can’t help but laugh now. Hehe, well, you did say it.


Yuma:  Oy, raise you head. Such a pathetic face, but, it is far better than the expression you showed me earlier. I like it. Hey, come on closer, I won’t take the knife, just get over here. Aah, from only pushing you to the floor a bit you look like this already. You are boring. To embrace a man you just met.

Yuma:  Ah, this helpless form of yours, just to how many men did you show this? Don’t you have no shame? Don’t you have any embarrassing feeling at all? Wow, why are you regretting? You have already become my little pig.

Yuma:  You acknowledged it yourself right? –licks- You, instead of being beaten up to a pulp, didn’t you wanted to feel this instead? (his fangs, licking, sucking etc). –breathes- You like it when you feel pleasure right? Well me too, I like it too. –sucks- Tasty~ Aahh more, more! –sucks again- Why is your blood so darn sweet? It is on a higher level than sugar. Ah, I really can’t get enough of sweet things. I thought there was nothing sweeter than sugar, your blood doesn’t even come close to sugar –bites and sucks-

Yuma: Just what the hell is going on with this person.- heavy breathing- My throat is, my body feels like it is on fire. Like this, like when the vegetables are getting fed, I am drowning in a river blood. (getting drunk) It is that feeling, what are you feeling huh? Tell me, yes that expression. You are feeling crazy and messed up right? So what kind of feeling is it? Tell me. If it isn’t enough I’ll do even more.

Yuma:  Well, come, where and what kind of feeling are you getting it? Let me hear it. Oy, are you listening? Don’t spaz out. Huh, are you still embarrassed? Just throw it away that feeling. Or is it do you want to feel iron once more? Huh? For the sake of making you understand completely, I will make use of it again. Hehehe, even when I say like this, I don’t really like it.

Yuma: But if you are going to be like this, why not~ It’s annoying, I’ll do it.


Yuma: Well first, what shall we do? You are still on top of me, with such a naughty pose shall I strip you of all of your clothing? No, just stripping will be boring, just a little bit, shall I rip it? That way it will be more interesting. Like this, -rips clothing- Woah, don’t you struggle now. Here, look –rips more- This is all right now right? Your chest also has hole marks. Hmm Is it from a sexy outfit? Hehehe that’s a good view. Even though there is nothing to see from your body, your bright red face, on the other hand is a great sight. Well then, where shall I drink from you next?

Yuma: Hmm, you are actually a person that likes to be bitten everywhere and to have fang marks right? Hehe, I don’t really care about it. When my throat is dry I simply suck you blood again. But you know. We are finally in this position, we might as well have some fun. Right?  If you like it like this, I won’t complain. Come, how about it? You really can’t get enough of me sucking you right? Huh? Hehe, then what is up when I am touching you like this. (apparently you are feeling pleasure when he caressing you know)

Yuma: huh? Is it because I am scary? That is not the case right? You are making up lies. Tch, damn I said too much again. Now my throat is dry again – slurps- I want to have that sweet blood which is inside your body once more. I am a very honest person. Fufu, I’ll drink from your finger now. Come, give it to me, place you finger inside my mouth. Hurry up already, if you don’t I’ll forcefully bite you. (more painful he means) Yes, yes like that, more deeper in my mouth, I’ll eat you up. –sucks and heavy breathing- That bright read face of yours is the best treat, especially from down here. You are feeling it too right? The feeling like you are in heaven. Ah, if that is the case, then it is the same with me. This great feeling of pleasure. Just what is your blood? Oy, give me more.

Yuma: Your finger is not enough. Huh, Your wrist? That is a good one, I already know that you have acknowledged me. –bites and bites again, sucking- Good, your blood, is really how you call it… How is it possible that it has this dark feeling to it? Like this I will take all your blood inside your body. I’ll fall inside your blood, as if. If your heart also acknowledges me, how would it be huh? Did they also made you feel this way? Hehe, your body is feeling good, like me we are one of a kind now. Don’t say that you aren’t doing it on your own consciousness. More, more, invite me more.

Yuma: hmm? I’ll give you my body, hehehe, aah, this wrist over here is also showing of some real good blood now. –sucks and moans- Just throw away reason, if you really want to become a little piglet, you have to lose interest of those guys or it won’t be any good. Ah I can’t stop anymore, like this, I will really kill you now. Hehehe, but, I want blood. Your blood is mine. I will never give to anyone. –heavy breathing before biting-


Yuma: Darn it, I wasn’t planning to do this… The more I drink and drink, the better your blood gets. –heavy breathing- I see, I understand now, the blood in my body is holding on to you, hehe, now I can let you go to him (Ruki). I can still feel you in me. It may be not be that strong, you as well, also think that way right -slaps- Oy, are you listening? Huh? You too, said that you were mine right? Heh, ah darn it, again, my throat, what is this, this is dangerous. I am seeking your blood again?

Yuma: -tops you again ripping more clothing- More, there are more places to suck your blood right? Show me them, where, show me them! –breathes in- Ah, such a good scent. Your back gives away a really good scent. Ah, no matter how weak the scent. –sniffs- It still has the sweet scent of your blood. –licks and sucks-  Even here your blood lingers, -licks and sucks- This is bad, it makes me look like a dog now. Hehe, haa, I don’t care, it makes me feel revived. But, you’ll be getting a very bad anemia from this here. The more I suck, the better your blood seems to get, the better I seem to feel from it. That is why I want to taste you blood a little bit longer.

Yuma: -sucks again moaning- Your body is over the top delicious, I feel revived all over again, do you exist only for the sake of feeding vampires alone? –slurps- They also gave you this kind of treatment right? (the sakamaki’s here) Ah, at best this might actually be a good way relax (not too sure here)  or is it, for the sake of retrieving you, are you being a good little girl? But, -sucks- I will not hand you over. To no one, you are mine. Don’t you dare to give your body to a different man than me.

Yuma: -licks- I see, your body which is made so slutty is your own, so you make us feel so lewd. (meaning that even with no sex appeal her ‘innocent’ attitude is what makes her attractive to him)  I see, you finally have admitted to it (the pleasure) Like this, you are yearning for more bite marks of men, deeper into the core of your body right? Hehe, no matter how you look at it is quite selfish. I grew bored of it. –sucks-

Yuma:  I’m falling again, this blood here is also, as I thought sweet, how should I put it, like I want to eat all of it. Ah until to the deepest part of your body. When I bite I fall deeper into your blood, -sucks more- Even when a little bit still remains in my mouth, my body falls then already. –heavy breathing- This is dangerous, this is, enough to turn me into ashes, but the time of merely drinking only one sip is over. Haa, I truly never come across of the blood of someone like you. Haa, somehow, I feel like nothing matter now. I want you. I want your blood, more, more so much that I can’t get enough of it. You as well, want to be messed up by my fangs right?

Yuma: I’ll mark you deep into your body, so it will never forget. Your entire being, your blood, you are going to give all to me, do you understand?


Yuma: -breathes out- Give me more of your body. Until there is nothing left for me to take. Come, where next? Haa, to even think that other men also did this to you, doing lewd stuff to you. Heh, it is the greatest pleasure right? (indicating that she is a slut) At this rate I will really suck your body dry. There has to be something wrong with me here, everything is your fault. Didn’t a weird virus simply got to me? A special sort of vampire blood or something… Well, where do you want my fangs next, the place next I will pound it into you. Deeply, the deepest part of your body. –bites-

Yuma: Your hips have fang marks now, hehe, I have even forgotten where I have bitten you and where not. –sucks more- I am good now, is it bad that  am feeling good now? I don’t want to embrace a human (having sex here he means) heh? Oy, -slaps- hehe, as I thought did I drink too much? Oy, this is not the end yet, huh? Ha, not yet, don’t you dare to go yet, I still want more, I haven’t gotten enough of it yet. You as well right? That is why, don’t lay there exhausted, you are still pumping blood right? Huh, oy, look over here, yes, like that, look at me.

Yuma: come, look at my face properly, it feels better when you see my face as I suck your blood right? Hehe, women are selfish after all. My body is feeling all grand now, haa, but I can’t stop. Even when you die, I don’t care, it pisses me off more that other men can have you. (meaning he rather be the one who kills you than that you live with some random man)

Yuma: -sucks and heavy breathing-  Is this what they mean feeling burned up, well, if you are the one that is making me feel that way, I don’t care about it. Just, just my throat keeps on being dry. I only want your blood. I don’t care about everything else. If you do go to some random person, I might beat the crap out of them all. Hehehe, -heavy breathing- Your blood sure is scary, to make me behave like this. Even though I don’t look like it, I am quite in peace now. I have found my interest now. Haa, rather to have you than my vegetables, which I can use time over time again, you are a different story. Or can’t you do something so good like that. It can’t be helped, at best, I can love you that I acknowledge, your blood, is the most special sweetest thing. –sucks-

Yuma: I bite and I bite, you will be my mark. ((not too sure here)) the last moment you might cry about it though. That is also the true form of this story right? I see it in your face. You want me, you acknowledge me. Come, show me it, I’ll make you feel really good. –bites and sucks-