Track 1 Chasing Up, Catching Up


Is that her? The one that Ruki said, the sample girl.


What’s wrong? You suddenly ran away. Is it possibly that you’re running from me? That’s impossible, right? But because you’re running away, I should chase you. Hey, why are you running away? Hey, I said! Why?


‘Don’t follow me!’ you said? Why? Why did you say something like that? I was just told to catch and bring you back, so, I was just running and trying to catch you up. Wait! Are you okay? I won’t do something awful to you. Relax. I’m not lying. So… hey… plea- wai-! It’s painful….

*Azusa falls to the ground. The heroine stops running and turn back, slowly getting closer to Azusa*


*heavily breathing* I can’t… breath… You… Didn’t you want to… run away...? You come… back…? Are you… worried about me? You’re… so kind… but.... caught you!

*Azusa puts some handcuffs on heroine*


It’s meaningless to be violent like that. The handcuffs won’t be undone. Eh? Why did I do something like this? That’s… I’ve told you, haven’t I? I was ordered to catch and bring you back home.


Before was just an act. It’s because you were running away. Sorry. I know that lying is something bad to do. But… it can’t be helped. Because I promised, and I won’t break it.


You asked who I promise to? I promised to Ruki and my other siblings that I would bring you back home. So, I’m sorry. Now, let’s go!


Eh? You asked who I am? I’m sorry I forget to mention my name. I am Mukami Azusa. Because we’ve done self-introduction, let’s go! What’s wrong? If you listen to what I told you, I won’t do anything. Let’s go!

*Azusa pulling the heroine*


It hurts? Hm? Why? Is it because I pull you along? Even though it’s hurt, you feel good right? So, it’s fine. You don’t have to worry. If being dragged is hurting you then, next time, should I get something too? But, since we have to go back now, I have to endure it. But, maybe a little bit pain would be good? But it will take some time to do so.


Hm? Did you say something? Ah, sorry. You said not to drag you? But we can’t go if you’re not being dragged. What? You’re wounded so it hurt? So you’re injured?

Track 2 Mukami Azusa


Show me your wound! No. But if I don’t see…


I can’t? Why? That can’t be. Hey, please. It’s okay to see right? Now I’ve seen it. Because you’re being dragged, your thigh is scratched. Is it hurt? Of course, right? Your blood, is oozing out. *chuckle* What a cute wound.


Hey, can I touch it? Hm? Why can’t I? You said, if I touch it, it will be hurt? I see. It hurt, right? So it’s fine then? It’s okay if I touch it. Look, I touched it. Looks so painful. So much blood seeping out. So good to be hurt. And your blood, have a really good fragrance. Hey, you still feel the pain? Should I give you more?


Why are you trembling? You like it right? Those Sakamaki guys always did it with you, don’t they? Something like this…? Hey, this scar, can I touch it and make it more painful? It’s ok right? Look… like this… *chuckle*


What did I do? I’m just doing something like this to your abrading wound. Ah… your blood are oozing out again… It looks so painful… Hey, it hurt right? Ah, so good.


Ah, no good. It’s no good If I don’t quickly take you home. But, I want to play with you more. Moreover, if we come home late, things will become more exciting. Now we get the reason so we can be hit by the others. They must be angry to us… we’ll be hit, and kicked. *laugh*


Moreover, your blood seems so delicious. It’s okay if I suck it a little, right? Hey, let me suck it… your blood. I can’t? You always reject me. Do you hate me? But, I like you. I love you. So you and I should accept it. You asked what would that mean? That means something like this….


It hurt? I see. It hurt, right? Now, I’ll try to open your wound with my nail. You like to be hurt like this, don’t you? The same as me. I see. You and I are similar. Right?


I’m surprised. Just now, you wanted to knock me out? I see. Hey, more! You should hit me stronger with all your might!(*) You don’t have to restraint yourself.


Why? It’s not like I hate it. I want you to assault me more! You too didn’t hate it, did you? I knew it. Ah, I see. If I don’t hurt you and make you feel good, I won’t feel good as well. Right? Fine? I’ll give you more paint. It’s something that you like right? I can tell it by your blood scent.


Ah… because last time I opened your cut with my nail, now your blood are gushing out. It’s a waste. I’ll lick your blood. *lick* Delicious. *lick* You want to die? It hurt? It will be more painful from now on. You’re happy, aren’t you?

Track 3 Hurt Me?


Le’ts do it more, so later I can see the scar properly! It’s ok right? No? But I want to see the scar… sorry… *lick* So this is your blood? The choosen blood. So sweet.


The others must be angry. Because I taste your blood first. Hey, is that true that there’s something in your blood? Hm? You don’t know too? I see. I just heard that there’s some secret in your blood, but actually I don’t really know. Sorry.


But, even though I don’t know about your blood, I know about yourself. Now, I’ll give you some more pain. Ok? Because I like painful things. You too right? See, because your thighs are so tender, when I thrust my fangs into you, it sure will be painful, won’t it? *bite*


If I thrust my fangs into this wound, it surely will be hellish. So envious… *bite* It’s okay f I do more, right? Hey, If I hurt you more, will you do the same to me? Ok? *bite*


My body suddenly felt so light, your blood will be working soon right? Next is your turn. Do something to me too, something painful. Anything will do. See, like this, strike me with your fist. You can suddenly hit me, with all your might. Quickly! I can’t endure it anymore. You can do it right? Come on!


I’m fine with it. As the proof, here, look! Here is the wound from Yuuma hit me yesterday. Numerous time, with all his might. And here is the scar where Kou had pressed me with hot iron. It’s because I did something awful to him. He said it was a revenge. But actually I did it on purpose. Because I want to be hurt. And then this is a scar of Ruki cut me. Therefore the scars was added one by one in my body. Somewhat I thought of this scar as something dearly for me.


You too, aren’t you? As the proof, here! I’m interested from before, this fangs scar in your nape… so envious… this, is theirs (The Sakamakis) right? So painful that you were feeling good, weren’t you? Hey, I want you to bite me too. Ok? Hey, with all your heart, you’ll hurt me. Ok? Come on, quickly!


It’s different from us, this vampire scent. To be bitten by sharp vampire fangs, surely, it must be painful right? Because, it pierces through your flesh, and breaks your nerve and bone. Ah… with the same manner nail pierces your skin. Hmm… It must be a painful that beyond words to describe. Right?


Hey, here! With all your might. It’s unfair if you’re the only one who feel good. Hey, here. It’s a shame that it’s not fangs. Hm? What’s wrong? You’re so surprised. Hm? My body is filled with scars? Are you envy me? *chuckle* They are all my important scars. Hey, from now, I’ll bite you, and you too will bite me. It’s ok, right?

Track 4 The Matched Ring


Now, beside this scar, I’ll give you another one. You should anticipate it. *suck* Next is your turn! As you please, hurry up! *suck* Hey… why don’t you hurt me with all your heart? If I put my finger inside your mouth, will you bite it? You will, won’t you? Here, with all your might! It’s fine if you use your teeth. I’m getting excited. It must be really painful, right? Here!

*The Heroine bite Azusa’s finger*


*chuckle*It hurt! *chuckle* Look, in my finger, there’s your teeth mark. As if It is like our rings. That must be it right? I see. You and I must be lead by fate. In your finger too, can I make a scar that looks like a ring? I can right? With this we’re match. *bite*


I was biting you a little too much. I carelessly bit you too much here. But, you felt good right? What do you think? I too because of your blood, become absent-minded. Look. The scar-ring that matched with me? Your blood is still flowing. *lick*


Is it hurt? I see. But you still want more, aren’t you? Your body seems to expect it. I know it. You and I both are hoping for pain. That’s really great right? I’m happy. Being able to meet you in this world, can be something joyful. You are the same, aren’t you? Let’s declare this happiness more! Right, you too, stab me with all your heart!


This handcuff, we’re no longer need it right? Can I remove it? I can? Ok. I’ll remove it from you.

*As Azusa remove the handcuff, the Heroine suddenly run away and hide.”


Where are you going? Hey. I understand. I see. You want to play hide and seek? You want to enjoy this night with me more? Fine. You and I are getting closer. Playing hide and seek is meaningless. I’ll know your position. See. You’re here!


Are? Do you still want to run away? Should I enjoy it a little more? Ok. No matter how far you go, I’ll catch you.

Track 5 I Love You Though


I… found you. You’re caught *laugh*


It hurt… from my hand… the blood… the wound that you incised on me *chuckle*. It hurt…


I see… I think that you can play like this with me. *lick* Delicious… but now, I want to lick your blood.


*lick* Caught you! For sure now! Ah, we fell… you’re too quick to catch. Isn’t it boring? I’m sorry. So, you can hit me with all your strength. Hm? You won’t hit me? Why? I want to be hit. Hit me! Can you?

*The Heroine slaps Azusa*


That can’t hurt me! Moreover, why are you trembling? Scary? Me? Why?


Even though I love you. I won’t do something frightening to you. Because being bitten is good right?


So, don’t tremble! Hey, actually you knew it. Right? Hey, remember my fangs’ taste! I’ll make you remember it. Come, look at me!

Track 6 Pleasure Beside Pain


It feels really good. You too right? You still lack of my bite marks right? So, I’ll give you more pain with all my heart. *suck* Your wrist is delicious too. *suck* Now, you have a bracelet in your wrist. But, when I give you joy, I feel good too. I found something good. Your blood is awesome.


There are also something that can make me feel good beside getting hurt. I’m shocked. Hey, did you feel it too? Then, I’ll do it more. I can right? Next, I’ll suck you here…

*tearing sound*


Ah… what a beautiful body. But I can found their (The Sakamakis) bite marks here and there. Finally the scars that I made, can join them too. Right? You’ll let me right? First, should I start with your Achilles bone? *suck* Overflowing… *suck* This is the proof that you were feeling good.


My body suddenly feel senseless. It’s weird. But, I want to make you feel good. Moreover… I want your blood more… *suck*


Your smooth skin was filled with scars. So envious… This is the proof of pleasure. I knew it. *suck* It keeps flowing, your hot-sweet blood. *suck* I feel really good. *suck*


My body seems to be full. It should be full already. But somehow… I’m not satisfied yet. Something like this… *suck*


I feel good. I know you feel good too. Don’t hide it! Hey, it’s true, right? Drinking your blood, could make me feel this good. Somehow I become to hate those fellow who suck your blood before, because they swarmed over you. Before I didn’t have this kind of feeling. But, I become not wanting to lose you. What is this feeling?


Again… and again… I want to engraved your whole body with my fangs. No, even inside your body too. I want to hurt you, that you’re mine. I want everyone to recognize that you’re mine too. Not to mention, you, and your blood, they’re all mine. Right? *chuckle*


That enchanted face… so cute… let out that face more… for me…

Track 7 I Won’t Let You Go


I won’t let you go. To the other guys, and also to them (The Sakamakis). I won’t give you back to them. I want a proper answer from you too. Please? Hit me properly, receiving a wound for me is an answer. If it’s too difficult to hit me, then with this knife, cut me! Like the way I injured you, I want you to engrave such wound in my body too.


Grip the knife properly! Hey, what’s wrong? You don’t have any strength? Is it because you feeling too good? I see. Then let’s do it like this! With my bandage, let’s bond your hands together. With this, you can wound me, right? You’re happy, aren’t you? Now, wound me here! On my neck! If you hurt me here, everyone can see the scar right? Right? Cut me.. cut! Cut me!


The scar I get from you, I want to show it to everyone. Because I want to give you many scars too! Right? Hey, like this…


It hurt… but, *chuckle* it feels so good… really good! Is it because I sucked your blood? It might be. Somehow I feel like being too sensitive. I feel better than usual. I have never feel like this before. More… hurt me more… will you? Come on!


I’m too joyous. The scar you gave me. I’ll give you my bite marks more… *suck* usually I don’t feel the heat, my body… is hot… you too feel the same right? Is this my true desire’s form? Is that so? *chuckle* it seems you too feeling really good.

Track 8 You Like Me, Don’t You?


Your cheek, and your lips both are so red… if we keep like this, I’ll end up eat you. *kiss* Ah, let’s eat you. *suck* Your lips dyed with blood. It become more bright red. *suck*


While sucking your blood, I feel like I’m being reborn slowly. What does it mean? You don’t know? I see. The others, when they touched by your blood, did they become like this too?


In this condition, if I bring you back home, you’ll be no longer mine. I don’t want it. No… Hey, you don’t want it too right? Ok, I decided. Let’s lock you in my secret place! You too like the idea right? If we do that, you’ll stay to be only mine.


That blood sure will drive everyone crazy. It will make everyone drunk. You don’t want to be sucked by everyone, do you?


You can’t go anywhere again, you know? But there’s still possible if someone find and take you away. So, it’s better if you bind with this handcuff with me. Now, it’s already put in my wrist too. With this, we became one. If you want to break away from this handcuffs, you should consider to kill me. It is either cut your wrist or mine. *laugh*


Somehow I feel reassured. What is it, if we’re not bonded together like this, there must be someone out there who’ll hurt you. The only one who can give you scar is me, and you’re the only one who can hurt me too.


It shows how much I love you. You too, love me right? Don’t be confused. Say it, that you love me!


Right… you love me.


You’re not trembling anymore. It’s because you finally understand me? I’m so glad. I want to tell you more, with this fangs, things about me…

Track 9 Lots of Wounds


Now, where do you want to suck? Your inside part of mouth become cuter.


I am seeking for your blood right? The places that you want me to suck, should I aim t it? Here? *smirk* Here? Feel it! Your breast looks so delicious. I want to suck you until there’s nowhere in your body my fangs not familiar with. Every nook and corner, I want to be full by sucking you with my fangs *suck*


*suck* More… your blood… I want to taste it… *suck* I want to discover more of your blood. *suck*


As expected, If I wound you so much, will they (The Sakamakis) lost their interest in you? What’s wrong? Your body is twitching. You’re feeling to good until you about to fly? Or, do you still want more? I see. That’s fine. Me too haven’t satisfied yet. It’s strange. I sucked your blood, but it feels like it was just vanished away in my body.


Then how about with that knife, let’s check my inner body? It would be hurt so much, right? Give me more wound. And with that only part, I’ll become to love you. The part that I became to love, I’ll let you suck it. It’s ok right? Come on! Because you won’t move, then I’ll be the one who do it.

*Azusa hurt himself*


So painful… Another wound was made… look at my body! The wound that you gave is getting more and more.

*Azusa hurt himself again*


*laugh* My blood is flowing. This one and this one too, is the wound that you gave me. Right, hey… my blood, will you lick it? You’re only being sucked by me. Like this, I have already sucked your blood so much. If you lick my blood, it must be really good. Right? Now, drink!

*The heroine licks Azusa’s blood*


How? Hm? Bitter? I see. I myself don’t know it. So my blood is bitter? Your blood is really sweet. Too sweet that my throat is about to burn. This sweetness is the first time for me. *suck*


I don’t know about the others, but, I love you. I really love you. It’s not like I just wanted your blood. I want to hurt you, and I want to be hurt. If we can ascertain our love with this, it would be really good. *laugh*


The wound you gave me, is really painful. How about you? The wound from me, is it painful? Your blood is still coming out. How far it went to? Hey, can I lick it? I can right? *lick* Delicious. I don’t want to give it to anyone. This blood, I want to monopolize it. Hey, will you promise me that you’ll be only mine? Will you? We have promised with our injured fingers.


But to bind promise is with pinky finger. Right? I want to hurt your pinky finger. My pinky fingers, emotionally, hurt me with your bite marks! Hey, it’s fine right? Hey!


That clueless face! Are your sense still hindering you? Until you have no sense, can I make you feel good? That must be it.


I see. I was invited by you. Right? Then, I’ll give you more pleasure! With my fangs, I’ll keep searching for pleasure inside you.

Track 10 Love Me


Ah…   it smeared with blood completely. Because there’s still some place that my fangs not familiar with, I should suck you more.


Your back is as expected, so white. This bite marks here, is theirs as well isn’t it? So pitiful… but, with my fangs, I’ll add new wound above this scar. *suck*


More…? *lick* You want me to do it stronger? Fine. *suck* It feels like a wave. Your pleasure, and your fear, say that it is really good!


My body is shivering. My head inside become white, and it would like to explode. And that will be repeating again and again. But I will need your blood again. I can’t think anything beside that. You too, right?


The one that make me, my brothers, and the other guys happy to be given by, this is the first time I know about it. When I hurt you, and when I can suck your blood, It’s not a big deal though. But, I think of it as an awesome thing.


From now on, I just want to be hurt by only you. Is it ok? Right? Like this…


It hurt… it really hurt but, it’s really wonderful. Look, now, the knife in your hands, had cut my palm. The blood is gushing out! *laugh* This wound is my treasure. Mine only. No one can steal it from me. So, I want to make the same wound to you, with this fangs. Your blood is important, but to me that scar is also important.


Your nape… smells so good… The natural scent that you bring with you. It mixed with your blood smell. *suck*


No, I still cannot fly. It’s too early to go to heaven. *suck*


No, You can’t! I cannot forgive that. Look here! Look at my face!


Hm… now you can see my face. what’s wrong? Sleepy? No way… you can’t sleep! You have to see me. See, like this… I’ll kiss you *kiss*


*laugh* I still want your blood. Can i? Why are you seducing me like this? You’re a bad girl! But, I love you.


*suck* Hey, look at that! It’s a full moon! Since when it came out? Somehow, it’s not usual that I so excited over a mere blood. Of course, it have nothing to do with your blood power.


Ah… so beautiful… shone by the moon, your bright red-face coated by blood, when I think that I am the one who made you like this, I become unbearably excited. Hey, how about you? Your feelings move a little? *laugh*


Is it possible that we have become comrade? But I don’t care about that anymore. Whatever you are, doesn’t concern me. Being as yourself, as long as you have those blood inside you.


Let me here once again. Do you like me? Right? You like me right? Good. I’m happy. It’s a mutual feelings then. Right? So, I want to make you feel more good. So you too, should hurt me more. Please! You have to love me!

(*) Azusa said ‘DON’ as an onomatopoeia (words that represent sound). I’m not quite familiar with it, when I search it on internet, it has several meanings, so I assumed that the heroine want to knock out Azusa by hitting him. [1]