Track 1 Two Choices
Ah, Thanks for your hard work until here, Kou, Yuma, Azusa. You can go back to your room! From now on, after a long time, I’ll do something.

*Door slammed*
*Door open*

00:38 Now, let’s get starting.

00:44 Hey, you! It’s time for you to wake up. Hey, for how long you planned to sleep? Finally you awake? Ah, Don’t be so frightened. Your eyes were blindfolded, so you can’t see anything. I think you would be happier when your eyes were blinded like this, right?

01:13 Even though you can’t see anything you still can tell right, strong winds are blowing. This place, where do you think it is?

01:23 If you move even a little from here, from head over heels, *chuckle* that’s it. we’re now in the top of a tall tower. But, not only at the top of the tower, now, we’re in the very rear edge of it. Even though we’re about to sprawl, you still can tell right?

01:53 What? You want to run away from me? Ok, I won’t stop you. If you said you want to run away, let’s do so. When you’re blindfolded like that, if you move even a bit from there, you could fall and die.

02:15 *smirk* Why do you get up? You want to run away? I see. Then, I will help you. I’ll push you down. 02:34 Now what do you want to do? Now you are standing. *smirk* What? The wind from below is so hard? That’s for sure! From here on, if you move one step forward, you could fall right away. If you want to run away, there’s no other way than to fall down from here. So, if you want to run away from here, I’ll help you.

03:03 What will you do? You want to escape from me? I will… respect your feelings.

03:22 What do you want to do? Now It’s in your control, you yourself have to decide. And, if you think about what will happen from now on, I’ll recommend you to prefer die. If you put your legs out a little, you’ll be free. Like a young bird tumbled down from above, like a bullet’s strike, like a tomato crushing down the earth, and in the end you can be like an ugly crumbled meat. Either said, it’s an envious thing for me. *smirk*

04:02 So, What do you want? I don’t like to wait. You want to jump and run away from me? Otherwise you will take the consequences and accept everything that should be happen from now on? Quickly decide!

04:22 *smirk* As expected you choose it. You’re a foolish woman. You woman is like a substitute of livestock for them (The Sakamakis), the vampire, And the fact that they so care about only one’s welfare is helplessly ridiculous. 04:44 If you’re so afraid and you can’t jump, how about me helping you? It’s not like a big deal. See? I can just push your back a little…

05:00 Such an indecent princess you are. You didn’t ask me for help, it’s impossible for me to let you fall. Think properly with your head! See…

05:18 *smirk* What an unsightly shape. You make something worth seeing. What? You want me to release your hip? Now, you can sit there. It’s about to take off your blindfold too. You’re become tired too right?

Track 2 Mukami Ruki
*grin* Should I say, ‘Nice to meet you. ‘? Why do you look so afraid? I just want to get rid of something that hindrance your field of vision with this knife. Ah, it’s not like I want to play and mince you with this knife, I won’t imitate some petty vampire. Because that’s a horrible hobby. 00:43 Eh? What? You asking my name? Fine, I’ll tell you. Livestock too have a right to know her master’s name. I am Mukami Ruki. I am the same race as those guys who formerly with you, I am a vampire. But I don’t want you to put me the same with them. The guys who bring you here is my little brothers. It’s not like I have to personally get out to fetch you. Right?

01:30 Is it enough to know? Mm? What? The reason of kidnapping you? It’s not something you can talk to me. If you want to hear the reason, you should do something about your attitude first! What should you do when you asking something from someone, you learned it at school, didn’t you? You don’t know what you should do? You’re really stupid! I told you to bow your head!

02:18 You are an idiot. You’re human but you don’t understand your position, yet you have so much pride. What kind of treatment should be appropriate for you? You seem to need a training. It seemed that they disciplined you just like a livestock, like a food.

02:40 ‘They’? Of course those Sakamakis bastards. You’re their livestock right?

02:49 You don’t want me to refer you as a livestock? *chuckle* There are so many things you recall, and you find it hard? I can tell by your face…

03:01 Hey, look here! Show your face to me! It’s the first time to see at your face like this. *smirk* As a mere livestock the face that you show to me is quite good. But, a livestock is just a livestock! That can’t be risen or down your worth!

03:28 You’re not worth to pick up, boring, and shabby existence. You’re conscious of that, right? 03:37 Hey, I told you to look here! *smirk* When it comes to you there’s really nothing about discipline you knew about! 03:51 You’re now, when you’re with those Sakamakis bastards, are you satisfied? Don’t you want to escape from there? If you don’t want to escape, you really just like a livestock! No, you are even below livestock! Or, they treat you kindly? You really… If you think like that, you’re seriously misunderstand. Why do they have to treat you kindly? How can you think like that?

04:34 Hah… Where and how can someone fallen for an intolerable woman like you? If I consider about the Sakamakis as an exceptional existence, If they really treat you well, you must be hiding something right? Today they won’t intrude me. I have plenty time to investigate your every nook and corner too. Be prepared!

Track 3 Livestock
Ah, relax! I just want to check on you. I don’t have interest in your body shape. I only have interest in the blood that flow down inside. You happy? Your face says everything.

00:30 You are so dirty. Such an immodest behavior, to leave a bite mark like this is too far. You think that yourself, your body is loved by your master. Even though there’s nothing like that. It’s so ugly. Their bite marks is scattered throughout your body. If this kind of thing is an affectionate feeling, what kind of feeling is that? Say to me! 01:06 You want me to stop? *smirk* You don’t have any right to order me!

01:12 I told you right? If you threw out your life before, you won’t have this kind of experience. But, rather than throwing away your life, you chose to spend this time with me. You can call this situation as something you wished. It’s regrettable right?

01:37 *tearing clothes sound*

  • smirk* You don’t need clothes right? I will remove any hindrance. From today on you’ll be mine. First, your master needs to examine your whole body. Whether you hide something dangerous, in the outside and inside, I’ll carefully search for it.
  • lick*

02:12 Because you dare to give me an order, it’s not right if I don’t disciplined you . To go against your master, even though you’re stupid you can understand what will happen to you, right? Neverteless, the Sakamakis were pampered you, treating you like a princess from some country? It’s impossible for them to do something like that! This kind of love, you prefer something like this than Sakamakis don’t you?

02:50 You want to be well treaten right? I will treat you well. Now I just want to search whether there is something you hide or not, When I found out that there’s nothing you try to hide, I’ll be so nice to the extent you’re about to melt.

03:15 *whisper to himself* Until you’re trembling, I’ll quickly deprave you. #this is pure guessing, pls correct me >.<# 03:20 No, nothing. *footsteps sound* What? Do you want to run away from me again? If you really have high pride, the right answer is to face me properly. *smirk* So you’re a hostile kind of woman.

03:44 *whisper* Quickly throw everything in me! You’re going to be comfortable. 03:53 *smirk* If you’re understand, you can’t go anywhere if you turn back from there. Furtherly there’s nothing too. I once gave you a right to choose your path. I’ll tell you again, It’s YOU who chose to be here. So, your life is MINE. Since I can’t forgive it, I couldn’t let you go as you please. You will only be drag to come back here again, so it’s meaningless to run away. You should give up! What you lack is courage and decisiveness. A clever woman should have it, but you don’t. 04:52 Catch you! *smirk* If you think it’s a weak and meaningless escape, as long as you understand I’ll let it loose. I’ll appraise that part of you. Because I don’t want you to waste your energy. Or, do you remember? Something that engraved in your body, the memories of pleasure. Actually you want it, don’t you? My… vampire fangs.

05:29 *smirk* Your throat is moving, or is that your vulgar nature? Fine, I’m not particularly hate it. Human basically is a foolish creature. Even though your inner heart knew you are deceiving each other. You avert your eyes from the instinct called desire, on the surface you all live coating it, cover it with something beautiful. Ridiculous! Really! 06:03 Of course you too! If you peel of your mask, people can tell you are a woman full of desire. Why do you have to hide it?

06:18 Otto… Don’t move! Ah, but to see you crushed down like this is not bad at all. Last time I told you not to fall yourself, you may become relax. But don’t let your guard down. Even though I look like this I am a whimsical guy. *smirk*

06:46 That face. You’re really interesting. For now, the body which they (Sakamakis) plyed with, I suppose to try it first.

Track 4 Traces that Engraved Throughout the Body
Ah, look! The prove of your desire, engraved all over your body. Don’t tell me you believe that the reason for this is something stupid and foolish like love or tender passion is not a delusion? If that’s true then there’s a limit in misunderstanding something. In order to define the right deal and your misunderstanding, I really need to remove all the hindrance.
*tearing sound*

00:43 Your appearance considerably becoming good. Now, should we start the examination? *smirk*Really, everywhere I go, there’s bite mark. And I can smell their stink scent. This is called as eating untidily, isn’t it? Even in your back ear…

01:17 You can’t see it, right? In your back ear there is a trace of a deep vampire bite. It’s like this scar shows the extent of their tenacity. *smirk* This time at that place should I thrust my fangs?

01:41 Hm? What? You feel it? I just only lick you. Or you looking forward when I suck your blood and endure it? Your inside is trembling? No? *smirk* You really are foolish! You can’t persuade me with that kind of lie. Who do you think I am? With just seeing your eyes, and then, with just touching you a little, I knew what you naturally and miserably seek from me. You want me to suck your blood, right? Cruelly, recklessly, right?
*lick *

02:44 *smirk* Your reaction is so interesting! You’re in such condition yet you still in denial? Don’t you know what kind of facial expression you have now? Your cheek is bright red, your breath seems heavy, tears is accumulate in your eyes. *lick * 03:13 What? You don’t mind it? *smirk* You’re not satisfied with just me licking you? You want it with more passion? Why? You don’t want to say it? After all you will do as I lead, and after that you’ll say it’s my fault, right? It’s the usual livestock’s way of thinking. Wrong? Is that so? *smirk* Then I’ll use my fangs. Don’t put me the same with the other guys above! If you don’t tell me your desire, then I won’t do it. But, when you properly said it, you understand right? *smirk* Not like the other guys, I am a good master, aren’t I?

04:37 They said you are a woman who have a special blood, of course I already knew that. But I don’t have idea that your blood is like this… a trap that you have set… there’s some other things in your body right? It’s a natural, but I think I want to know what it is. First is the sense. Whose fault the blood become like this? Why your blood is special? Your self-conscious is important. Your bottomless desire is also what make vampire thrilled about you.

05:27 Now, what will we do from now on? Hm, you still don’t want to say it? Hm? What? You said I won’t believe your words? You really are a troublesome woman. You have no feel to talk to me, don’t you? Fine, but I just won’t believe lies. I can tell quickly it’s a lie or not. So, when you tell lies, I will immediately found out. Fine, when you still in mood, I’ll coax you. I’ll tell you how adequate words have no meaning in front of us, vampire.

06:33 Now this side of ear… *lick* there’s also their bite mark. It really disgust me just to see it. *lick* You’re aching for it right? You’re not satisfied with just licking? *smirk* *lick* You want my fangs? Hey, answer me! The truth is your heart longing for it, and when you say it, you can get what you want.

07:45 *sigh* Really… You’re to the extent of can do nothing while your lewd body is really aching for it, why do you keep defying? Even though you knew it has no meaning to do that. *smirk* but the opposite, you have lure my interest. With your stubborn feelings, I think about depraving your body… *laugh* It’s so laughable until I become like this. 08:19 Thoroughness, there is still someone who throw their pride for these kind of thoughtless human . *chuckle* They (The Sakamakis) like to deal with a trouble don’t they? So, to enjoy this body, this stubborn mouth should give permission? I see. So it’s like that. It’s interesting! If the livestock troubling her master’s hand, she won’t do what she told to. But I’m not kind of man who broke his own conduct. You’re very troublesome! I won’t be able to bear it. A woman like you have to deal with instantly. I thought of some medicine to use for you. What do you think? There’s no other way than to poisoned you. You’re useless. The utmost, thickheaded and thoughtless woman. #sorry I can’t comprehend this last part well >.<#

Track 5 The Beginning of Training
Now, stand here! While shone over by the moonlight, you’re really beautiful. Like in the hell. *chuckle* If you jump, you’ll be crashed and die. It’s like your false wish right? *smirk* There’s no time for livestock’s begging too. Because it’s troublesome. They do exactly like this right? Do it quick! Come on! 00:45 What? You caught my sleeves. You want me to pity you? If so, I am different with the others. I am no longer have human’s sentiment nor emotion. Now, go!

01:05 *smirk* What? What’s wrong? You beg for your life? But, your life have nothing to do with me. You’re an eyesore! Die! 01:21 *laugh* I just want you to honestly express your feelings. But, up until now you won’t say it, you don’t understand? Now, what do you want from me now? Say it! 01:50 Don’t let you fall? That’s not it right? After I lick your bite mark, what do you think? What do you feel? Answer that question! Even though when I lick you, your facial expression showed all your feelings. What? You have courage? Look at my eyes properly, and say it! With that lips. Quickly! If you make me wait longer, my mood is going to be worsen.

02:48 I see. You’re hoping me to suck you? Really, it’s better if you say it from the start. I don’t have to be troubled like this. You absolutely need to be disciplined strictly. Like a dog, when see its master, its tail swinging, and run around noisily. You too, when you see me you throw your body to me, until I thrust my fangs, you’ll tease me…

Track 6 The reward, Sucking Blood
It’s your reward. *suck*

00:23 Deeper? Ah, you right. Deeper, inside you. *suck* Like the others said, you have a power to make a vampire thrilled. With this blood you drive them crazy, lead them to heaven. But, *chuckle* your blood is like an instant poison. As expected me too, my head become absent minded.

01:35 Spherically, below is entangled, from there bit by bit, you took away my rationality. Then, I feel like flying. Ah, this is how master should tame his livestock. Even though you refused, I will press you down forcefully, in order to suck your blood. I know may undertstand what the others are thinking about you. *suck*

02:33 Why do you sit down? You can’t even try to stand? Just until now you’re even so scared to be here. Now you don’t feel anything except the pleasure of being sucked? And, look! Because of your blood, my body is a little bit dangling. How if both of us fall down like this? Stupid! Don’t take it seriously! It’s impossible for someone like ME to be like that. If you really think like that, you’re quite underrate me. It’s not a big problem though. Now, I am drunk with your blood. And I want to drink it more. You’re such a great deal. Next is your nape. *suck*

03:58 This scent… one-sidedly become stronger. The scent that invite me. As your condition become good, your scent is become stronger too. *suck* You want me… to suck you more, don’t you? *suck* Your taste is becoming more and more good. This is… *chuckle* I feel like a blockhead who jumped into the same trap and weakness. That kind of feelings, is not like you can’t understand it right? The other things are become unimportant.

05:37 As a mere livestock, messing out with many vampires’ feelings… I want to swallow you more. Ah… you losing it nicely. But, looking at your tempted face make my disgust (of the others vampire bite mark) gone away. Without unpleasant feelings from now on, as a leecher, you’ll feel like you want me to make you wet. But with this much blood, you’ll be anemic. Somehow you like to be tormented like this. *chuckle*

06:30 Now, give me more! I’ll keep search for your blood with my fangs. For a normal human it is a tormented, but for you… it is like giving you a supreme pleasure. You were drooling, you should be happy.

06:54 Ah… there is also their traces here. *smirk*Being shown of others traces of passion, I didn’t ever think that it would make me pissed of like this. Even though I said I don’t have any interest in you, there’s such power in your blood… The fangs beside mine, had sucking your blood all around in this body… the anger had filled my heart. I want you… to specially choose to be mine. Forever in this top of tower, and present your blood just only for me. *smirk* You may also called this stupidity, but I really thought of it. I want more… your blood. My body… is seeking for you.

08:16 What is with that face? You’re demanding for more self-pleasure? Don’t joke around! You don’t understand a single thing about vampire. I am the only one who can judge your value. I should make you realize severely about your foolishness. You should be grateful! Don’t be so conceitful!

08:51 We still have a long night. Until the sun rises, I’ll insatiate my desire to you. It’s irritating me now, you know it, right? Excessively, it makes me irritate just by looking at you. Is this some new kind of onslaught? Until I break bit by bit in this part of you, I want to stick into your blood.

Track 7 The The taste of Feeling Fear-Blood
Be obedient! I don’t want to get troubled by letting you fall. Now, do you feel the wind? *smirk* You right. Now behind your back there is nothing to support you. If I slip out my power a little, you’ll be fall and dead. There’s nothing to hold you other than my hand.

00:35 Is it painful? Will it be okay if I release my hand? There’s no doubt that now I strangled your nape. But I do this to keep you alive. You’re trembling. Even though your whole body is overflow by pleasure, you still can feel the fear too. If you don’t want to die, be obedient! I can’t forgive the one who annoys me! Do you understand? When you are scared, your blood, how does it taste? *smirk* You keep luring my interest.
*tearing sound*

01:31 Next is here. Right next to your heart surely your blood will be bursting out exultantly. Sucking blood near the throbbing heart is not bad at all, but I don’t like to suck blood while it’s bursting out to my body. It’s annoying if your blood is gushing out, right? Spare me with just sucking from beside your breast. *suck* This sternum is a hindrance! Never mind… *suck* The taste of your blood when you’re in fear… is quite good… *suck* 03:14 What’s wrong? *chuckle* Your face is so red. You’re feeling good? The feeling of being stimulated by a man, while seeing the surrounding scenery. Hm? It’s hard to breath so you want me to put off my hands from you? So you choose to fall down? Fine…

03:47 What? I can’t? Which one you choose? Really *laugh* I still want your blood. But I can do nothing if you really want me to put off my hands from you. Return and see the scenery. I want to taste your blood when you’re in fear again.*smirk*. I see. Fine. If you don’t want me to release you, I’ll keep hold you with my hands. Ah… the blood flowing down from your breast. It perplexed me, like a red roses, bloom in profusion. *suck* My body… the sensation is like me becoming another thing… is this… your trap? *suck*

Track 8 The Exposed Desire
Where do you want to be sucked next? *smirk* What? Your rationality is still hindering me? Really… you’re really hopeless. Even though you’re in this kind of appearance, what’s more can make you embarrassed? Hurry and be honest to your desire! And, show me your weakest part! *smirk* Is it vexing you? That face… when you melt with pleasure, your face become perverted. That’s good… detest me more!

00:50 Even if you screaming or crying, there’s no one who’ll come and save you. There is nothing but despair. And your so called despair, I’ll enjoy it to my heart content too. Now, hurry up and say it! Show me! *smirk* If you don’t want to show me, I’ll cut this leg. It has been many times you won’t say it. Quickly!

01:28 Do you think I won’t cut your leg? I am now with my own strong nature gaining up the feel to do it. Don’t think it will be like before! Now quickly! If not with this knife…

01:56 *chuckle* What are you doing? You almost fell on your own, is that a spur in moment? No, you’re praying to escape from me. Is that a loyalty for them (The Sakamakis)? If it is, then I won’t forgive it! You think it’s better to let you fall down, and you think, I will put out my grip for you? *smirk* If you choose to die then I won’t forgive you! Even though you’re died, no matter how many times, I’ll resurrect you for sure! And goes with that same number, I’ll tease and hurt you. 02:46 It’s a shame that you didn’t fall. Are you scared? Up until now your body keep trembling. As expected, before I suck your blood, you should choose to die. Your plan was failed. You shouldn’t be tenacious, and thinking some stupid plan like run away from me. Or you expect me to chase you when you run away? Is that what you’ll do? If so then as a mere livestock, you are excellent. *chuckle*

03:33 Now, let’s continue. To let you feel the pain, I’ll suck you more. In your sensitive part, bleed more for me! *smirk* Why? It is so painful that you can’t even answer me? Or, did your soul get trapped by your own pleasure? No matter which one it is, I’ll indulge in your blood…

04:23 What? Even though in your inner thighs there are also bite marks. Is there somewhere in your body that haven’t been touch by fangs? It can’t be help. Next I’ll suck from here… *suck*What a sluttish body. Your legs spread like this. I can tell that you’re feeling good. *suck*

05:52 Me too feeling so good that it’s so weird. It’s like being carried away by your blood. I think it’s enough, but I can’t stop. Really, your blood is a poison! It’s hard to stop from drugs and poison, right? You too, you want my fangs more, don’t you? *suck*

06:53 *smirk* You… you can let out that kind of voice too? You finally can accept your true self. If so, then our intensity will be rising soon. *suck* Open your body more! Accept me with your whole body! Right… that’s right… *chuckle* *suck* Seduce me more… *suck* Ah… It’s the first time you shown me this much. So delightful. A livestock, with this body can make her master so joyous, feel free to enjoy this happiness. Deeper… deeper… I’ll keep seeking till your deepest part. *suck* 09:10 *laugh* Someone like me, can be so addicted to you… it’s unbelievable. Where do you hide those secret? *smirk* You are the only one who knew it. It’s fine. When I can capture you, somehow I’ll get to know it. Until then, I’ll make you can’t live without me. I’ll use you, your body and your blood.

Track 9 Get Drunk
Now… where is next? There still so much places I didn’t know yet. Carefully, Plentifully, I’ll enjoy it. Ah… The blood even flowing down till your ankle *kiss, lick* *smirk* Now, should I taste this part? Woman’s belly is so soft, it should be delicious, right? *suck* Your blood really, you plan to deprave me? Really… what an improper woman… Above anything, you want my bite marks right? Here… this is… what you have been expected right? *suck*

01:51 Ah… good… really good… You too… don’t think about it, just leave it to your hot movement. *suck* That’s right… just loose yourself… throw away your rationality… then, enjoy this time with your heart content! After all if you go back to their (The Sakamakis) place they will just throw you like a garbage. So, just accept this pleasure, make sure you get drunk of it! Right? *suck*

02:58 *laugh* You loose it nicely. That’s right. Don’t even think about unnecessary thing, and leave it to me! I won’t do something bad to you, I’ll just attack you with harassment, worst painful feelings, etc, until you mad and want to disappear somewhere… *suck* 03:43 You can scream as loud as you can. With your pain, and pleasure, and your upturned eyes… it surely makes me feel good too. *chuckle*If they see you like this what would they say? *smirk* When I thought about that, it feel fun. Their livestock being snatched away in front of their very own eyes, it’s really vexing right? But it’s already too late. If they find this place, you’ll be already mine. I won’t loose you. Surely. *suck* I am about to go crazy… I want… I want your blood…

Track 10 Forbidden Fruit’s Curse
Is this the curse as a reward of reaching out for a forbidden fruit? Curse? Bullshit! If I can taste you like this, I’m not afraid of that kind of curse. *chuckle* Is this a trap that you’ve set? Don’t make light of me! As if my own palm, I understand what you’re thinking. If you understand that, let’s dance! As you wish, I’ll bite you deeply in your good spot only. *suck*

01:24 Hm? What? More? *chuckle* good… you feel like doing it too then? I don’t hate such effort. It’s better if you said that from the start. No, it’s not that. If you’re such a vulgar woman, I might not be able to seeking for you so much like this. I see… You, you have predicted it? You’re quite fearful! *chuckle* You have drowned me. What do you want? Beside this fangs, what do you seek from me? *suck*

02:38 Ah… the moonlight become dim. Can you see? The moon that shine over my shoulder. Or, you no longer could see those kind of thing, because you feel me too much? If you understand, be prepared! Show your face to the moon, something that sharper than my instinct. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop me. Like this… *suck*

03:38 Not enough… More… if you think this would satisfy me that you’re totally wrong… Me… called my name! Strongly… and then beg me… to fulfill your greed… until you satisfied… I’ll give you my fangs… *suck* It’s like the new me have appeared, because of your blood. I… *suck* Now, until we satisfied our greed, until both of our soul are about marring and vanished, give me your blood! You’re mine… only mine…

05:12 What is your wish? If it’s now then I’ll give it to you. *smirk* What? Your lips are trembling. Do you want me to kiss you? What a greedy woman! Then, I’ll give just what you want… *kiss* *smirk* Human is really interesting. With this kind of love, their heart will feel at ease. But the training is not over yet. With this… *kiss*

06:26 Rather than a kiss, if you won’t say “Master please suck my blood.” while smiling, tonight won’t be over, and I’ll keep suck your blood. You’ve been prepared already, right? The night is just starting. No… you won’t be able to get out from here anymore. Night won’t be over. From the start, you’re no longer a woman who live in a bright place, right? That’s even you can understand it, can’t you? 07:13 Come! I’ll keep searching deeper for a face that you haven’t showed me yet. Accept everything. Because you’re my special livestock. *smirk* You’re my human pet, I’ll treasure you. I see. You’re asking for me? With that manner, You can do it, can’t you? Ah… I understand, as you wish. With this we can’t define which one is the master, right? *chuckle* it’s a strange thing. Your blood turning me like this. That’s an undoubtful reality. So, Give me more and more, more… the blood in your body… give it all to me! Because I will love you… forever… always… always… just feel only my fangs… *suck* [1]