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The official fanbook of Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD. It was released on December 21, 2013.


  • Illustration Gallery

Official jacket illustrations from the game, Drama CDs from the official blog of Satoi, in magazine A4 quality.

  • Characters

The Mukami’s birthdays are revealed in this fanbook. Also more character data and comments on the character concepts that were never released.

  • Behind Works (Behind the Scenes)

Background visuals, character designs, along with an interview with the developer.

  • Double-leaf Bonus

This is where the Versus short stories are placed.

Contents for the Versus stories:

Story 1 - Ayato vs Azusa
Story 2 - Kanato vs Kou
Story 3 - Laito vs Azusa
Story 4 - Shu vs Yuma
Story 5 - Reiji vs Ruki
Story 6 - Subaru vs Yuma

Bonus: If you purchased the book from Animate, Stellaworth, Ebiten, you would have received a illustration card of the cover illustration.